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Is Your Life Full
Of Complications?

What else do you need?

Is Your Life Full
Of Complications?

What else do you need?

Trusted by Clients World Wides

Astropandit has been serving
clients from Canada, USA, India Uk & Dubai

Over 40+ Years of Experience

Astropandit Suren Arora has been involved with Vedic astrology since 40+ years

Solutions to Life problems

The ancient science of Vedic astrology gives insights into life problems. 


Meet Astro Pandit

Indian Vedic Astrologer

Suren is one of those astrologers who always try their best to help every needful person with the knowledge of astrology, and this is why he has become the best Indian Vedic Astrologer. Astro pandit Suren Arora not only listens to life problems but also provides solutions.

  • Suren expertise in Astrology, Palmistry, Numerology, Vastu Shastra, Yoga, Aura Reading, Chakra healing
  • Astro pandit undertake analysis via the traditional method
  • He suggests solutions or custom remedies based on your problem
  • He is a Certified Hypnotist & NLP Practitioner and helped people quit smoking, their drinking habits

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Believe In Things That Can Fortunately Change Your Life


Life goes with ups & downs, a person is forced to question one’s own decisions. Palmistry is an ancient art that can help you to guide & improve your life.



Aura reading is an ancient art that gives the person’s current state of the body & mind. Aura is the outer body of the person.



Most life changes are unplanned. Some changes we can cross & some set to cross our life. Astro Planets reading is ancient Vedic science that can help you with solutions.



Vastu is traditional Indian art & science of architecture. The art has been carried out for ages. This sacred art has come a long way.



Numbers play an important role in one’s life may it be a birth date, marriage date, or lucky date. Numerology is famous art of numbers from the Vedic world.



Chakra Cleansing & Chakra healing has evolved from ancient to scientific art. A lot of research has been going on worldwide on these human energy points known as chakra.



Love & Marrriage

Indian Vedic Astrologer

Everybody on the planet seeks love from their partner, but not all-time couples do experience this. Astrology provides a detailed analysis of a person’s relationship. Planets on the charts tell if a person will be able to achieve a satisfactory relationship or it would be woes only.
Our clients normally come with the following questions

  • Why my relationship does not last
  • Why I am facing divorce
  • Why there is no stability in the relationship
  • Will this match suit my daughter

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Daiane Smith


I came in touch with guruji two years back, I was having a bad time at work things were not moving in my favor, I use to hate my job at that time. I worked on a few solutions suggested by guruji – things changed & life has been more smooth

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